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What can you do as a freelancer?

Writing and translating

become a freelance writer

This is probably the most accessible type of freelancing work out there – especially if you have an English qualification and are constantly churning out essays anyway.

Freelance jobs in this field are varied – you could be asked to write articles, whole eBooks (under the condition that someone else’s name appears on the front), product descriptions for online stores, or even Facebook posts and tweets. Yes, you heard right – you can get paid to do social media.

You could even try your hand at freelance journalism, writing pitches to magazines, newspapers and other publications. Just beware that some publishers (even some big names) will try to take advantage of your student status and not offer to pay you for your work. Ask what their policy is before agreeing to work for them!

Plus, if you’re fluent in another language, translation work beckons. It can be a lot less competitive for these projects – mainly because most of us only have conversational French… at best.


Graphic design

graphic design freelancing

Design is a bit more of a challenging sector to join. Not only do you need to own some industry-standard software, but you need the skills – and imagination – to use it to its full potential and meet the demands of your clients.

You could be creating a logo for a new start-up company, animating videos, illustrating snazzy PowerPoint presentations, or even working on adverts that will appear in papers and magazines.

Programming and IT

freelance as a programmer or it specialist

Programmers are the brains behind the websites and apps we all use every day. They’re tasked with building software that is well-designed and easy to use for the typical customer, and often have to write swathes and swathes of code to make it happen.

As well as this, you might offer virtual IT support. Typical projects include helping websites with their search engine optimisation (SEO), which involves making them more visible in search engine results. Analysing statistics and managing databases are common jobs on freelance sites, too.

Admin support

freelance admin support

This industry has fierce competition. One of the most popular tasks is called transcription, and this involves listening to recordings of conversations and typing them out. You could even be a part-time remote personal assistant – wearing a hoodie and joggers instead of dressing to impress.

The roles and responsibilities of a good virtual assistant include answering phone calls from customers, planning the boss’s schedule and booking their travel arrangements, or performing light research for their reference.




And lots, lots more

freelance photography data entry jobs

From the sublime to the ridiculous, pretty much any skill can utilised and sold via freelancing. Of course, some are more in-demand than others – photography, data entry and video production are just three of the other popular fields for freelancers.

We’re not lying when we say that almost anyone has the potential to become a freelancer!

How much money can you earn as a freelancer?

how much money can you make as a freelancer

In the freelance world, there’s two ways of getting paid – by the hour, or with a fixed fee for each project.

Unfortunately, your competitors for the best online jobs are often from around the world. And, if they live in a developing economy where it costs a lot less to live, it can be impossible to compete with their prices and still get the minimum wage.

As such, you need to prove that you’re the right person for the job with a gripping application. Also – before you throw your hat into the ring for a freelancing gig – think carefully about how long it will take, and what you would want to earn per hour.

If you possess rare skills, it’s likely that you’ll be able to command a higher rate, but remember, you need to sell yourself. Just make sure you have realistic expectations of the money you could earn (sadly, few clients are willing to pay £500/hour).

January 18, 2019